Did this day already go by?

Reading this makes your eyes move from left to right in a series of small, jumpy little motions – all the while time keeps passing.

How fast a day goes by changes according to what happened to you during the day. True, eh? Some days you get lots done and perceive the day as long and productive. Other days just fly past without you ever having a chance to do anything. According to a theory I once heard, us people appreciate the passage of time by evaluating temporal difference between two ‘events’.

Now what is an event? An event is something that strikes out from the normal buzz of the nerve cells – an unexpected situation, danger, startlement, new learning experience. According to this hypothesis, children perceive time as going past slower, since they experience several ‘events’ in a given day. Just think about it, if you have never seen a chair or a milk carton before, how fast can you gain new experiences? Similarly, it is possible to make a lot fit into a weekend getaway, vs dilly -dallying at home for two days. The difference is the density of events, making us perceive the same amount of seconds in a different light.

So – the key to a long life? Arrange events in your day.


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