Second hand furniture: Part 1 / Mending furniture

This week hanba has been excited about furniture painting. Old coffee tables have been repainted, waxed and polished. The outcome has been very satisfying. Most importantly, it has made hanba’s relationship to her furniture deeper.

What a wacko, this hanba. Talking about the relationship between a person and her material possessions.


Mending furniture (source: hanba)

Mending furniture (source: hanba)

Hanba has bought most of her furniture from second hand. This is because hanba wants to have furniture with a soul. Real wood instead of sawdust covered with a thin panel resembling authentic wood. Wood that lives, changes with time and loves being polished.


I cannot really say what, but there is something very soothing about taking care of your things, buffing them, being with them.  I am reminded of Robert Frost’s poem “Mending wall”, where two neighbours every year mend the wall between their esthates. The physical work they do on the fence makes each reach out to the other. The physical action of moving stones and placing them on holes on the wall is a way to take care of the relationship between the neighbours.

Personally, I believe the work I do mending my furniture is a process where I take care of myself. Mending myself.


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