Neomodern souls, anybody home?


Ultra-neomodern kitchen (photo: musicvisionary2000)

Ultra-neomodern kitchen (photo: musicvisionary2000)

Smooth, white surfaces. Glass walls with a beautiful void within. Peace that is brought forth by a lack of detail to focus on.


Who lives in the ultra-neomodern houses? People with no furniture? No past, no ornaments or pragmatic tools. No memories, no photo albums, no socks lying on the floor. No people, only a space demanding cleanliness and hygiene. How are we supposed to use the modern buildings? How is the modern man envisioned to utilize his beautiful, functional space?

In Orestad outside Copenhagen, a sub-urban townlet is built according to neomodern architecture. Glass windows reaching from floor to ceiling allow passers-by to peek in and see the round-edged furniture within. Only, it is no beautiful sight. A guitar here, a window too large to be washed there. Latest retail store sale items covering the windowsill. Big lamps, curtains, picture frames. A hockey stick with a hockey bag and helmet lying in a corner. The passer-by is peeking in, an undesired voyageur in the intimate secrets.

The clean, round edges and spotlessness only last through the pre-sale photo shoots.

Source: Wikimedia commons

VM-building. Orestad, Copenhagen. Source: Wikimedia commons


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