What To Read Over a Morning Coffee?

Hanba is new to blogging. Actually, hanba has only recently really discovered the internet. It all happened as a reaction to my morning newspaper. One morning, reading a 13-page special about a particular celebrity engagement, I had had it. Why do I pay for this garbage? The papers feed us a narrow world view defined by the corporate interests, targeted towards the “baby-boomer generation” (=people born in the 1940’s) and propaganda. This the papers do, even though they could be discussing every possible view and perspective in the world, with only the sky as a limit.

Reading things on the net is difficult, as you have to wade through an infinite volume of material. Some of which is good, most of which is not. Finding your links and networks, however, is a dynamic, interesting and social process. There is so much creativity and talent out there! Talent not bound by agency policies, or the views of the advertisers. Articles not written by people sitting on a certain position in a publishing company; a position that allows them to write whatever the “cat dragged in” and have it be considered good journalism. (I am sure this exists on the net too, but I believe the net readers are quicker to change from a source to another, should the creativity fail. ) The only regret I have with terminating my newspaper subscription is that I did not do it sooner. I am enjoying following this shift from newspapers to the net media.

There’s a book lying around in our apartment; Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky. It will be the next book I’ll read. The book describes the collective media and how its role will be increasingly important in the future. The old word of mouth, or “the jungle drum” is back, only in a more global sense.

Shirky calls each individual blogger a media outlet. Hear that, I can be a media outlet! I am allowed to say things about architecture and literature, which are fields I have a passion for, but no formal education in. In the old world, my articles would never have been published in the newspapers, since I am not “an authority within the field”. While having a PhD may mean a person has knowledge and understanding about a subject, it does not mean that university studies is the only way to end up with interesting things to say. More importantly, wanting to communicate with people about books and buildings does not mean I desire to be an “authority within a field”, I just like to jot down thoughts and enjoy a nice chat with a stranger. It’s more relaxed this way.

I never liked Andy Warhol or his populistic, kitschy posters and ketchup boxes. I never got the fuss around his “fifteen minutes of fame”. If this is it, however, I may have begun to soften up for him.


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