Jotunheimen, Norway (photo: Sauoyeeier)

Jotunheimen, Norway (photo: Sauoyeeier)

So many people have found my humble blog by typing a query to a search engine. Where do all these people come from? All over the world, so many people must be typing something into google every second. Thousands of fingers dancing on keyboards. Of the gzillions of google searches, a small fraction will filter down to end up on the  hanbablog.

In India, I tried to imagine how many Palak Paneers are consumed during one day. Or how many cartons of milk.  In a second hand store in my home town, seeing hundreds of old candleholders, I wondered how many candleholders there must be only in my district. My partner and I have 13. If our neighbours also have a few less each household, say 7, that makes a grand total of 140 candleholders in our apartment building, which makes 2240 in our street.

Hmm this is a hanbablog post that doesn’t have a deeper point to it than this; the world is so goddamn wide and google seems very big.

Ps. when this post is published I will be out there in the wide world, hiking in the fjords and mountains of Jotunheimen, Norway.


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