A small break and a long novel

Still on a holiday. Taking a slightly longer break from blogging than anticipated. Still in Finland, busy enjoying sauna/lake-combo trips. Still reading Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. Am halfway through and have hit a wall. Everything is against the protagonist. Feels like reading a 500 page Donald Duck – novel. (Without the nephews helping Donald out.) I’ve been told it gets better. Going to get some more reading done tomorrow on a major train ride across the country.

Any reading recommendations for a blogger on holiday? 🙂 Something thinner – in style with Bonjour Tristesse?


2 responses to “A small break and a long novel

  1. Well, I read Atlas Shrugged and that was enough to stop me reading any of her other books! Everything was against the main character in that as well. And not only did she take forever to show that everything was against this character, she also inserted her own philosophy into the book.

    I, of course, was under no illusion as to the fact that she would do this when I started reading it, nor did I particularly mind having her philosophy thrust upon me – many a good novel has an underyling philosophical message in it. What did really annoy me was that her philosophy was summed up near the end in a 60-page speech by one of her characters. Sixty pages of non-stop talking!

    So I’d say stop now while you can. 😀

    As for something slimmer, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad? (I quite enjoyed that.)

  2. Thanks for the comment, philologist! i’ll see if i can find this book in my library… definitely need a thin book now. 🙂

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