Crime stories

Sorry for the radio silence. Hanba has been busy watching crimes being solved on dvd. This particular genre, crime fiction, has never been one of my favourites. However,  I have recently become addicted to one particular show.

I do not really get why crime stories are so widely popular. The murderers are often portrayed as psychopaths, child molesters and rapists. The general setting is to have an innocent everyday guy meet a brutal, violent destiny. The message is: IT COULD HAVE BEEN YOU! The tortured kid could have been your child. The raped girl could have been your daughter.

Again, I repeat a statement I’ve made before; the multitude of stories we are exposed to, the stream of fiction around us, has changed the way we view reality. The perceived danger is greater than the true danger.

The following hanbaposts also deal with this issue:

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2 responses to “Crime stories

  1. hei

    Oli kiva jutella eilen. Tämä blogi on minulle tosi kiva, niin voin lukea kuulumisiasi vaikka työpaikalla. Palautteena siis tässä vaiheessa päällimmäiseksi nousee plogin olemassaolo.Ensi maanantaina siis työrulla avautuu jälleen.

    Rakkaat terveiset ja kuulemisiin, lukemisiin etc.

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