Project freedom / untitled nr 2 continues

Remember the project freedom? For those of you who might have forgotten, project freedom refers to  hanba’s and her friends’ attempt at producing art in order to get money through art scholarships. The project is still going strong. In fact, the latest bits of art were produced today!

We chose freedom as a topic, since it is pretty contemporary and vague. It sounds like a theme an artist should be concerning him- or herself with. Lots of juxtapositions to be expected. The nature of art itself and society around us can easily be portrayed through this theme. Since we are essentially ironic and try to be witty, we identify ourselves with the postmodern movement. In order to merge in with the postmodern artist jargon, we have named the project “untitled nr 2”. (By using this name we tell the audience we understand some of the rules in the “art scene”. )Nevertheless, since our primary goal is to ironize the postmodern movement (and not the modern project itself), our art style may be referred to as post-postmoderism. We are every bit as annoying as you may think we are after having read this. We understand that an artist has to be annoying to get by.

So what do we do, then? Here’s an excerpt from project freedom:

Life is an open highway (photo: mrtnkllsn)

Life is an open highway (photo: mrtnkllsn)

“Life is an open highway”

The subject has placed herself on a racer bicycle, implying a desire for speed.  She wants to ride fast, to feel the exhilaration of speed; she believes in the myth of life being like an open highway. She wants the freedom of the long, straight roads and the wind on her face. Ready to pedal as fast and far as she can, she resembles a falcon ready to dash off!

(Now comes the juxtaposition..) Meanwhile, she is visibly uncomfortable with the biking shoes that bind her feet down, anchoring her feet on to the bike pedals. In order to achieve the freedom of speed, she has chosen to lock her feet to the pedals (you know this type of fancy biking shoes).  She is not enjoying the view, she has no attention to spare at the world. The heavy  feet call for all her attention. Her focus is selfish. She is only seeing herself; she is not free enough to even look at the world around her!

Furthermore, her indoors surroundings do not imply freedom. The white walls and floor resemble a jail cell. Why is she not outdoors? Perhaps safety regulations have denied her access to the roads themselves? Or perhaps it is her own insecurity keeping her indoors? – Her lack of ability to handle freedom?

Project freedom on flickr (still a bit of a stub…)


3 responses to “Project freedom / untitled nr 2 continues

  1. Hei

    Kokeilin Google Kääntäjällä ja sain suomenkielistä tekstiä kun yhdisteli asioita.

    Ps. On kiva lukea blogikuulumisia.
    Hyvät voinnit!

  2. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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