The glass house

In my second-latest post I mentioned Andre Breton’s Glass house.  The concept refers to a desire to take away the border between the public and the private. The glass house is a very contemporary concept,  being reflected among other things in popular culture and architecture.

Look around you, -what has been built in your city lately? Maybe you immediately think of a major glass box. The contemporary glass boxes are like giant Big brother houses. The border between inside and outside is becoming less clear, as is the border between public and private. Everybody can look into each others’ lives. We sacrifice our privacy but in return, we get fifteen minutes of fame. We feel the eyes of others on us.

Transparency can also be a positive concept, enabling “lies” and falsehoods to be exposed better. Sounds fine, but the trick is, who gets access to the exposed information? Transparency can act as a means for social control. The glass houses are not far from Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon.


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