I really need to …

… have a serious look at my blogging strategies. Nobody ever reads this blog. Gotta roll up my sleeves and start advertising. I need to work  on my search engine optimization. Participate more in discussions. Become hip. Engage myself with cool topics. Gotta write about current hot stuff. Be the vigilante hothead star reporter.

How to do this? I’ll just tag this text with Patrick Swayze’s name and people will flock to the hanbablog. That way I become famous and influential. I become somebody. Hanba the famous blogger! I will take over the world buhaahahahahahhaa

Did you think it is insensitive to bring a dead person up just to get more readers?

Any publicity is good publicity. There are no tricks nasty enough. Contemporary journalism. The time of gentlemen is out.  I satisfy your very basic human need of tearing things apart.


One response to “I really need to …

  1. Participating in discussions is okay…though controversial stuff always gets more hits (usually) – case in point, I did a satirical thing on 3 reasons to support racism that is my highest viewed post, though I have a feeling most of those views are from google image search, rather than the article itself.

    And it’s not insensitive to bring up dead people – they’re dead, right? What do they care? 😀

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