Gossip and art

Detest the yellow press and gossip? Bored with all the ‘stars’ who get their fifteen minutes of fame? Don’t really care for the chitchat and cocktail party yapping?

If you say yes, please consider the following scenario: you are an upcoming artist interested in gaining audience, wondering what way to go. In this situation, I’m not sure if I’d rather try to make my name the new buzzword, or submit my work to an authority figure for approval. The former requires social skills and the latter… well – it’s great if you please the authority figure, but if not, you’re out of the game.

Gossip is accessible, cheap and ‘democratic’, having bypassed authoritarian structures with a selected few as gatekeepers. And it’s the method of choice in today’s world, it seems. Luckily enough, hanba is not an artist.


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