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Being unique

I, like many of us, have always liked to think I’m very unique and not just a product of my times. Not a synthesis of subcurrents in the common narrative of my culture, age, gender. Sure I’d be subjected to the surrounding environment, but would find a combination of interests, habits, thoughts, dreams unique to me.

I recently discovered a coworker who has the same food interests, hobby interests, and we happen to live in the same neighbourhood. This may sound like a non-issue, as it is normal for there to be matching trends in different aspects of life. Also, it is not strange to find somebody with similar food interests also having similar ideas about where to go camping in the weekend. Or that it is camping we’d want to do on the weekend in the first place. This is all true,┬ábut we have similar interests down to the same blender brand, campsites as well as grocery stores on- and offline.

Are we really that unique, or is it that we’re typecast? Marketing experts like to divide people into subgroups based on our consumer habits. Have I internalized my target group, so much so that I am more a member of this group than a sum of my individual peculiarities? Am I actually that predictable and categorizable?

Somehow the thought is horrifying – at least for the ego.